Having taken early retirement I decided to use some of my newly acquired leisure time to further my interest in Birmingham history. It was during a surfing session on the internet that I found the Birmingham History Webring.

This excellent site with its forum is a wonderful source for information regarding the history of Birmingham and its people. I soon became addicted to it. I made a comment on the forum that it tended to concentrate on the north side of the City, with very little reference to the southern side of the City.

This site in conjunction with the webring is an attempt to fill that gap.

This site is still under construction, if you have any material that you think may  be suitable for inclusion on this site please contact me.

I would like to thank Barrie Geens author of the book From Kings Heath to the Country for making information and images from his collection available to me for this site.

Barrie has now published a second volume of this book.












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