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In 1847 land on Lodge Road, Winson Green, adjacent to Winson Green Gaol was purchased to provide the site for an institution to house 300 “pauper lunatics”. In September of that year, the foundation stone was laid by Robert Martineau, the Mayor of Birmingham and in June 1850 the first patients were admitted. The building continued to expand over the following years and additional land was purchased in 1866, increasing the site from the original 20 acres to approximately 48 acres. In 1893 the Commissioners in Lunacy said “Winson Green should be given up and a new asylum built elsewhere, as it is impossible to build any further extensions on the already overcrowded site”. However All Saints Hospital stayed open, and by 1953 was housing 1,200 patients. To ease the overcrowding, annexes were added.

The hospital has been known by a number of titles over the years, when first opened, it was known as the Winson Green Asylum, by 1902 it had changed to the Birmingham City Asylum, further changes in 1929 it had become the Birmingham City Mental Hospital, and 1949 altered the name again to the Birmingham Mental Hospital.

The hospital closed in 2001 and now a listed building is used by the Winson Green Prison authorities.