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The church capable of accommodating 430 persons was designed by Mr. F. Preedy and built by Mr. Clulee of Kings Norton at a cost of £2,750. The foundation stone was laid by Mr. Fowley on behalf of Miss Ann Elizabeth Taylor, only daughter of the late John Taylor, Esq., of Moseley Hall on 27th April 1859. The Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Worcester on the 26thJuly 1860.

The spire was not added to the tower until 1866 due to the lack of funds.

The church was further extend in 1882 by the addition of a north aisle, organ chamber and vestries increasing the capacity by a further 127 seats. The building work was carried out by Mr. Parton of Kings Heath to plans drawn up by Mr. J. A. Chatwin. The cost of these additions “considerably exceeded £1000, of which £700 had been contributed by the congregation.

The organ was replaced 1892, purchased from St. John’s Church, Blackheath, London. The organ was originally built by Messrs. Robson & Flight of London and possessed about 1,600 pipes. It was first used in June 1892, and replaced the old organ presented by Mr. Dawes some twenty-eight years earlier.

The first burial took place in 1863 and closed following the opening of Brandwood End Cemetery in 1899. Burials in existing graves continued until 1936, when it was decided to permit cremation burials only. In 1948 the graveyard was laid out as a garden by lying all the headstones horizontal


The foundation stone for the present Baptist Church was laid on the 15th September 1897 by Mrs. J. W. Bond and Mrs. John Skinner. This replaced an earlier building that had been on the site since 1815. It opened on 4th May 1898 by Rev. J. G. Greehough M.A. The new church cost £7,000, and is 72 feet long by 43 feet wide with accommodation for 550 worshippers, it was built by Messrs James Moffatt and Sons of Camp Hill to the design of Mr. Arthur Harrison. It was planned to have a spire added when funds were available. 


The foundation stone was laid on 23rd June 1896, and opened for worship 22ndJanuary 1898. It was built on the site of a earlier church. This church cost £7,710 to build, and would hold 620 people, it is 80 foot long by 49 feet wide The height of the spire is 120 feet above ground



St Dunstans was built to replace a smaller Catholic church which was destroyed during an air raid in 1941. It is built on the site of Kingsfield House which was the former home of Joseph Nettlefold, a local benefactor who also gave donations to fund the building of the Kings Heath Institute.  

The original church was a corrugated iron building built at the junction of Station Road and Westfield Road and was large enough to accommodate 200 people. Previously, services were held in the house of Father Michael Dolan in Springfield Road. It’s first mass was celebrated on Christmas Day 1896 and its first Baptism recorded 7th March 1897. It was destroyed on April 9th 1941 when a bomb dropped the previous night exploded luckily without any causalities.

Without having a Church, St Dunstan’s  held services at All Saints Anglican Church Hall and the Assembly Hall at Colmore Road School, until 1953 when St Dunstan’s Church Hall was built, this was on land previously part of the Kingsfield House that the Church had acquired in 1924.

The congregation size continued to grow and so in 1968 the present Church was built.

The new Church built in a modern style has a semi - circular form which allows a congregation of 800 people, all within 50 feet of the Altar. It was designed by Desmond Williams and Associates and built by Hunt & Pearcey. The spire is 90 foot high.

It was opened in 1968, with The Solemn Blessing & Opening Service conducted by The Most Rev. George Patrick Dwyer DD.,Ph.D.,BA on the 30th November 1968.