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Following the success of Green Lane Baths and Library scheme, the baths and library committees decided to join forces again and build a second combined baths and library building on Moseley Road. The baths were opened to the public on the 30th October 1907 and contained a first class swimming bath with gallery for spectators, a second class swimming bath and suites of first and second class private baths for men and women. Also in the building were a clubroom and a small Establishment Laundry.

The site chosen, was very close to where a Private Bathing Establishment was situated in the late 1800’s, that consisted of a large swimming bath over 100 foot long by 40 foot wide, with a few private baths. The charges at that time were 6d (2 1/2p) for swimming and 1s (5p) for a private bath, in an advert from the times, they stated “that stabling and other conveniences are erected for the accommodation of Gentlemen attending in carriages or on horseback”. These baths closed on the death of the owner in about 1873, and were offered for sale to the local Balsall Heath Local Board of Health, who declined to purchase them on the grounds that the district could do without baths