Brandwood End Cemetery

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Farm land for Brandwood End Cemetery was purchased in 1895, at a cost of £17,000. At that time the land was outside the City boundary. It was opened on 13th April 1899, with the first burial that of a young child taking place on Saturday 15th April 1899.

Management of the cemetery was passed to the City of Birmingham in 1911 as the city grew. The initial area of land was added to until it reached its current size of approximately 54 acres. Over 83,000 burials have taken place in the cemetery between 1899 and today.  Although now closed for new burials, internments still take place in family plots and in the children's' section.

The Chapel is now a listed building and consists of two chapels ,one C of E and the other non-conformist and plans are to  restore this building to its former glory. These red brick and terra-cotta buildings were designed by Birmingham Architect Brewin Holmes.


The Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery are working to improve conditions and maintain the grounds and gravestones at the cemetery.


 Visit their web site at      http://www.fbec.org.uk/index.php

Ground plan of the mortuary chapels – Birmingham Reference Library