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Great Barr Hall was originally built in 1777 by Joseph Scott, was inherited in 1791 by Sir Francis Scott, who lived there until his death in 1863, his widow Mildred remained at the Hall until her death in 1909. It was much altered and extended about 1840 and in 1863, an adjacent chapel (which was never consecrated, and was used as a billiard room) was erected.

In 1911, the Hall and estate was purchased by the Hospital Board, and used ďfor the reception of poor persons requiring relief on account of bodily or mental infirmityĒ, and known as Great Barr Park Idiot Colony. In 1918 it became known as St. Margaretís Mental Hospital. Many building were erected on the site over the next 50 years to become a very large mental hospital.

The hospital was closed in 1978, and left to decay.

In 2006, the estate was brought by a developer, and over 400 houses were built on the site.