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A total of 2241 civilians were killed during air raids on Birmingham  between August 1940 and April 1943

In the Kings Heath area air raids caused damage and fatalities on a number of occasions resulting in the deaths of  82 civilians. The raid of 9th. April 1941 on Fawley Grove resulted in the death of 11 people, some of whom were sheltering in the tunnel under the railway line.

The following list extracted from a database assembled by pupils at Swanshurst School from lists supplied by Birmingham Air Raids Remembrance Association and the CWGC.

I have not confirmed any of the details and so, apologise for any errors and omissions


Raid # 8 on  26th/27th August 1940

Henry Waldron             27,Wheelers Lane


Raid # 13 on 16th September 1940

Albert Broughall         180, Dads Lane


Raid # 15 on 27th/28th September 1940

Edith Ballard               54, Albert Road

Charles Bullock          74,Wheelers Lane  

Mary Bullock               74,Wheelers Lane  

Olive Bullock               74,Wheelers Lane 

Harold Barrow             31,Alfred Street  

Margaret Barrow         31, Alfred Street

Barbara Batchelor        3,Alfred Street 

George Batchelor         3,Alfred Street 

Ada Batchelor               3,Alfred Street 

Audrey Batchelor         3, Alfred Street

Kathleen Powell           3,Alfred Street 

George Friar                 Alfred Street

Philip Parker                 2, Alfred Street  

Beatrice Parker            2, Alfred Street  

Martha Parkes            29,Alfred street 

Florrie Parkes             29, Alfred Street

Florence Drinkwater    8, Alfred Street

Esme Alderton           22, Woodville Road   

Lizzie Alderton           22, Woodville Road  


Raid # 16 on 15th/16th October 1940

Mary Cook                  26, Brandwood Road


Raid # 24 on 25th/26th October 1940

Ronald Monk             71, Coldbourne Road

Denis Parsons         105, Coldbourne Road


Raid # 25 on 26th/27th October 1940

Violet Wainwright      11, Chesterwood Road


Raid # 27 on 27th/28th October 1940

Frederick Inns            6, Ashfield Road 

Mabel Pugh                6,Ashfield Road 

Mabel Alton              12, Vicarage Road

Frederick Davis         20, Addison Road

Amy Gardiner            22 Addison Road


Raid # 43 on 19th/20th November 1940

Arthur Browning      22, Slade Pool Farm Road

Gladys Wells            32, Poplar Road


Raid # 46 on 22nd/23rd November 1940

John Shutt                104,Westfield Road  

Annie Shutt               104, Westfield Road 

Brian Tulk                  106 Westfield Road  

Frederick Tulk           106, Westfield Road  

Kathleen Kelway       137, Woodthorpe Road

George Botts                2, Leasowes Road

Charles Offord          100, Wheelers Lane

Hilda Offord               100, Wheelers Lane

Mr. Churchill              108 Wheelers Lane

Mabel Giles                104, Wheelers Lane

Arthur James               30, Billeray Road

George Monk             135, Woodthorpe Road

Rose Streaves             10, Uffculme Road

Thomas Trow               28, Dawberry Road

George Thomas           Springfield Road


Raid # 47 on 27th/28th November 1940

William Turner           Monyhull Colony

Frank Wood               Monyhull Colony

Charles Davies          Monyhull Colony


Raid # 48 on 3rd December 1940

Biddy Slattery             3, The Hurst, Brook Lane

Harry Webb              236 Lindsworth Avenue


Raid # 50 on 11th December 1940

Leonard Cooke         4, Allenscroft Road

Laura Forrest           62, Clarence Road

Sidney Harrison      101 Dads Lane

A. Hemming             53, Colebourne Road


Raid # 54 on 9th/10th April 1941

Bertam Battista         Fawley Grove Tunnel

John Bridgwater       Fawley Grove Tunnel

William Endean         Fawley Grove Tunnel

Thomas Giles            Fawley Grove Tunnel

Kathleen Hollyoake  Fawley Grove Tunnel

Alice Orme                Fawley Grove Tunnel

Thomas Orme           Fawley Grove Tunnel

Albert Purshouse     Fawley Grove Tunnel

Felix Sallis                Fawley Grove Tunnel

Joseph Shepherd    Fawley  Grove Tunnel

Reginald Hands       Fawley Grove Tunnel 

George Bills             11, Alfred Street

Mrs Q. Dunn           135, Grange Road

Arthur Hutton            4, Haigh Place Wheelers Lane

James Parkinson    29, Dean Hollow

Joan Webb             115, Waldrons Moor

David White              73, Barn Lane

Ellen Bowyer          136,Grange Road 

John Bowyer          136,Grange Road 

Florence Bowyer    136, Grange Road

Rosetta Seaton       134,Grange Road  

Harriet Stuckey       130,Grange Road  


Raid # 60 on 27th July 1942

Ernest Williams        Pineapple Road

Sidney Crockett       24, Ellersley Road


Raid # 61 on 30th July 1942

John Bradley          90, Woodthorpe Road

Frank Martin            49, Brandwood Road






Fawley Grove Tunnel To-day

Examples of houses built to replace homes destroyed by bombing during the war

Map shows location of bomb damage with casualties 

                                  Bomb damage without casualties